Rv makeover

So while the hunk is out working on equipment and running equipment, I have decided to makeover our little rv! Now this isn’t just any rv, this is the place where we had our very first date and it was all down hill from their so we have had this rv our entire relationship! Going on 12 years so it’s time for a make over!!! So here is what I have done so far! I chalk painted the fridge, and painted the walls and painted on some cool stencils! I put on some peel and stick subway tiles for around the sink window,( I also got on amazon!) I got the stencils on Amazon and I used the brush on kind of chalk paint instead of the spray can kind, but both work very well! Now I’m not one of those fancy girls, I did not sand anything, wash anything nothing I just went for it! And its always turned out fine for me! So hope u enjoy and check back for more progress!!!

Big dozer eeekkk

So heeeyyy y’all ! So last weekend we had to up-grade to a big dozer to clear off all the stumps for our future, awesome off grid, homestead!!!! I just can’t wait to do all these awesome tutorials with u all!! Seeing as how everyone is loving my automatic goat milker!!! I just know this is going to be a big hit!! So on with the pics! Here is birtha a d8 allis chamblers dozer! And some more awesome pics of the homestead!!!

Still working

Hi! Well we got a bit more done this weekend! We started clearing trees on the flat spot where our home will be!!! Talk about exciting to be able to visualise where home will be!!!! I couldn’t be more excited to plan where the barn and round pin and animal homes will go also!!

It starts!

Hey everyone! So as of February we finally bought a piece of property! It is heavily wooded and at a elevation of ten thousand feet! Nestled high in the rocky mountains! We are going to build a complete off grid home!! So let’s get into it! We had to start by clearing trees as this place is very very wooded. So the first weekend we spent all day doing nothing but cutting down trees for our drive way and spot for our house! Next we went through with our little john deere 1010 dozer( which is just a small pocket dozer but she does her job just fine) and started pushing the logs and slash piles up clearing everything we fell!

Driveway finally all cleared!!!! While being at 10,000 feet one day it’s spring the next winter hahaha the weather does what it wants this high up!! But the work must go on! We finished the driveway and now this weekend on to the flat spot!!