Getting water ~off grid

Hi all! Well we are moved into our comfy r.v / tiny home which we are still working on but it’s coming along nicely! So we are now off grid and loving it! So the big question what do you do about water, bathroom, showers? Well if your like us and have a spring then it’s really not to big of a problem but a lot of people don’t have a free flowing spring like we do, but we plan on digging our own personal spring in the next year and I will go more into that later.

So here is our little set up we have for getting water to our place! We bought this pump and hoses from harbor freight for $180.00 and then we bought the container from tractor supply which we paid way to much for and now we are in search of a square tote which u can find for 50.00 to 100.00 and we paid 180.00 for our little 50 gallon tank and the square totes hold 250 gallons so yeah that was a dumb move on our part. So here is how we get water!

So after are tank is full we take back to the homestead and pump into the tiny home where it is hooked to the existing water pump. We hit the pump button In the r.v and it pressures up the whole tiny home hot water heater and is ready to go! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do the best I can I answer you! Thanks for following and much love!!!!

Here we go

Today’s the official moving day. We are moving to our off grid homestead!!!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! I’m so tired of the city and tired of worrying about money! It’s TRUE what they say more money more problems. And I’m happy all that’s behind us we only have a year and a half left of big Bill’s then we will be completely bill free! I’m counting down the days and it will go by so fast I’m sure. Thanks for following along! I will keep u all posted as soon as we are moved!!!

Two steps forward 10 steps back!

So we have been busy! Got the homestead homebase all flat got the camper moved up, roof on the camper, then a bear broke into the camper lol lol lucky it didn’t do to much damage. So we started the off grid water venture got everything hooked up and water running!! Well then we woke up to wet carpet! The fresh water tank under the bed decided to spring a leak so back we go To get a new tank! So here is the set up! We go to a fresh water spring and use the pump to pump water into our 50 gallon tank then we bring it back home and pump it into our camper holding tank!!! We have the gray water go into a tote which is hooked to a leach hose so the water is leached back into the ground! After the water tank in the camper is fixed then it’s on to sewer and fixing the bathroom all up!