Two steps forward 10 steps back!

So we have been busy! Got the homestead homebase all flat got the camper moved up, roof on the camper, then a bear broke into the camper lol lol lucky it didn’t do to much damage. So we started the off grid water venture got everything hooked up and water running!! Well then we woke up to wet carpet! The fresh water tank under the bed decided to spring a leak so back we go To get a new tank! So here is the set up! We go to a fresh water spring and use the pump to pump water into our 50 gallon tank then we bring it back home and pump it into our camper holding tank!!! We have the gray water go into a tote which is hooked to a leach hose so the water is leached back into the ground! After the water tank in the camper is fixed then it’s on to sewer and fixing the bathroom all up!

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