1.20.2019 Homestead Journal

Hi! A whole lot hasn’t been going on, it’s been snowing and cold, and aside from every day chores it’s been boring as heck around here! We have spring fever so bad we cant handle it, we have been planning out where to put chickens and goats, and moving the horses into summer pastures… but we cant do anything until the middle of March 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ so we still have a ways to go until it gets fun around here again!

The keto journey is still going great! Still loosing and crushing it!! I have lost 65 pounds so far!!! Nothing makes me happier than when my husband complements me on how good I’m looking, so that’s a huge boost in confidence!

We stayed up last night and had a fire and watched the eclipse until it got to cold lol but it was fun walking around the forest in the moon light with my husband! But boy did I sleep like crap and woke up grumpy lol.

Well that’s the update for now! Have fun everyone and have a great day! And happy homesteading!!!

1.11.2019 homestead journal

Snow!!!!! Yeppers its snowing again! I cant remeber the last time the mountain got this much snow!!! Its only 8 a.m and we already have 3 inches and i dont think it’s going to let up for a while. Had to get up bright and early to go get drinkable water, it’s so quiet and nice when its snowy and roads are pretty much shut down makes me happy hahah. So plans for today are finish helping the husband rebuild his welding machine, and then hes gotta put up a shelf for me in the tiny home and put in a new kitchen faucet because the one we have right now leaks like a sieve!!! Have a great day everyone, be safe and happy homesteading!!!!

Philly steak and cheese keto dinner

Mondays are always so hectic even when off the grid so you want something yummy, fast, and easy to make to eat cause let’s face it mondays are the worst lol.

Being on the keto diet and it just being my hunky and I it’s pretty easy whatever I make I can always add carbs or take them away! So here is a easy cheat for keto philly steak and cheese!!!

Go to your local deli (any grocery store deli works) ask for 1/2 pound roast beef, 1/2 pound pastrami, and 1/2 pound baby swiss this works for the 2 of us. Now depending on the size of your family you can get more than a half pound or less, you be the judge!

You will want to grab a onion, a bell pepper while your at the store.

Slice up onion and bell pepper(think fajitas)and put a dollop of olive oil in a skillet, saute them tell they get nice and soft, then you can chop or shred (with your hands) the pastrami and roast beef.

cook until the edges of the roast beef look crispy, about 10 minutes then turn your stove to low and add your baby swiss on top and let it get all melty and happy about 3 minutes, then turn off stove and it’s done! Serve it up on cripsy keto cheese crackers or just eat it plain, for non keto put on a toasted hoagie bun or do like I did and put it in a tortilla and grill it for a different take on a crunch wrap!!!!! Good luck hope you enjoy!!!!


Roast beef 1/2pound.

Pastrami 1/2pound

Baby swiss 1/2pound

Onion 1/2 cup chopped or sliced thin(think fajitas)

Bell pepper whole chopped or sliced thin

Salt and pepper to taste and a splash of olive oil.

Cook time 15 minutes, prep time 5 minutes.

1.7.2019 homestead journal

Good morning all! Its chilly out this morning, gotta get a move on it to go and do laundry today. Oh the Joy’s!

So where we live the nearest town is cripple creek co. A small little gambling town. Well Friday night we go out to the free spring we have to get our water, as we are getting water there is a steady stream of cars headed to cripple creek and me husband start laughing about what all these people think of us (people who live off grid, and collect the local free spring water) lol so we start laughing and I was thinking maybe I should blog about it to clear up some misconceptions that might be out there, lol so here we go!

We are not homeless, we have a home, we are not living under a tarp freezing are bumbs off. We are not poor, my husband and I make a pretty good living and live very comfortable, we just think it’s stupid to have thousands of dollars in debt and non stop bills. We have very few bills as of right now it might be costing us 700.00 a month to live this way, that’s way cheaper than any apartment you can rent. We are not dooms day preppers,(well not hard core anyways hahahahah) yes we live off gird and still have cell phones and internet via our cell phones. We still shower regularly and live normal lives, we just live in a smaller home and our life is a little harder to achieve the simple things of normal people life like water, power, sewer, garbage. For water we have to go pump it then bring it home, power we have a generator and solar, sewer we have a normal septic tank so that’s not to bad but u have to make sure u have water, garbage we haul into the city and pay to dump.

Now we have lived in all sorts of situations we at one time had a mansion on 12 acres, a bill for every day of our life and we just didnt enjoy it, we also have rented homes in the city, lived in r.v parks and finally found our happy place and off grid is it for us!!! So for anyone who isnt homesteading or off grid hope that clears up some stuff for you ahahah have a great day all!!!!

1.3.2019 homestead journal and weight loss happiness

Today was just beautiful we hit a high of 40°f. Talk about heat wave!!!! Made a trip down the mountain to go grab some groceries it’s an all day event!

The snow is melting but slow go, thank goodness because it would be a muddy mess!!!

I have been doing the ketogenic diet along with thrive for 6 months and have lost 60 pounds!!!! That’s just crazy to me!!! 6 months ago I was signing up to go to Mexico to have gastric bypass, we just didnt have the money at the time and I was heartbroken, I thought for sure the only thing that would save me is surgery but I was wrong!!!!! With the right tools I had it in me to save myself!!! And I have and will keep going. I have 50 more pounds to lose before I hit my goal weight but I’m just so happy and impressed with not only keto but the level-thrive experience and that these tools gave me so much strength to stay motivated and workout and eat healthy!!!! They gave me my life back! I gave me my life back!!!

1.2.2019 homestead journal

Ugh woke up sick, swollen glands and a sore throat! Spent way to much time In the city the other day! We have been living off grid for almost 7 months now and rarely deal with people so when I go out Into public its expected that I get some kind of sickness now and than. The horses are fed, dogs out for their morning walk, it’s a awesome 23°f. At 11:19 a.m in the great rocky mountains. The sun is shining and its beautiful.

Last night we burned a prosperity candle to bring us some prosperity in the coming year, health, happiness and financial for the coming year.

I meal prepped last night for the coming week, made some great keto beef and cabbage. Keto has been my magic pill along with my thrive I cant believe how much weight I have lost I have lost 60 pounds in about 6 months and hoping i lose alot more alot faster these next few months.

See u all tomorrow!!

Goodmorning 2019!!!

Goodmorning everyone!!!!! Hello 2019! Are we ready for some adventure??!!! We sure are!!!!! The homestead is in full swing this morning! It’s cold as heck outside we are currently sitting at a big old 11 degrees, we got alot of snow yesterday about 6 inches or more so the goal for today is plow the road so we can leave and go get some supplies! Some drinkable water, food, get some long warm showers in! My goal for this year is to make sure I blog more!!!!! On wordpress and on Instagram! So here’s to starting the new year off right! I’m going to be kind of all of the place! This is pretty much going to be my open book journal from now on!!! That’s right everything, the good, the bad, the ugly lol and all the dirt in between!!!!!