1.7.2019 homestead journal

Good morning all! Its chilly out this morning, gotta get a move on it to go and do laundry today. Oh the Joy’s!

So where we live the nearest town is cripple creek co. A small little gambling town. Well Friday night we go out to the free spring we have to get our water, as we are getting water there is a steady stream of cars headed to cripple creek and me husband start laughing about what all these people think of us (people who live off grid, and collect the local free spring water) lol so we start laughing and I was thinking maybe I should blog about it to clear up some misconceptions that might be out there, lol so here we go!

We are not homeless, we have a home, we are not living under a tarp freezing are bumbs off. We are not poor, my husband and I make a pretty good living and live very comfortable, we just think it’s stupid to have thousands of dollars in debt and non stop bills. We have very few bills as of right now it might be costing us 700.00 a month to live this way, that’s way cheaper than any apartment you can rent. We are not dooms day preppers,(well not hard core anyways hahahahah) yes we live off gird and still have cell phones and internet via our cell phones. We still shower regularly and live normal lives, we just live in a smaller home and our life is a little harder to achieve the simple things of normal people life like water, power, sewer, garbage. For water we have to go pump it then bring it home, power we have a generator and solar, sewer we have a normal septic tank so that’s not to bad but u have to make sure u have water, garbage we haul into the city and pay to dump.

Now we have lived in all sorts of situations we at one time had a mansion on 12 acres, a bill for every day of our life and we just didnt enjoy it, we also have rented homes in the city, lived in r.v parks and finally found our happy place and off grid is it for us!!! So for anyone who isnt homesteading or off grid hope that clears up some stuff for you ahahah have a great day all!!!!

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