Philly steak and cheese keto dinner

Mondays are always so hectic even when off the grid so you want something yummy, fast, and easy to make to eat cause let’s face it mondays are the worst lol.

Being on the keto diet and it just being my hunky and I it’s pretty easy whatever I make I can always add carbs or take them away! So here is a easy cheat for keto philly steak and cheese!!!

Go to your local deli (any grocery store deli works) ask for 1/2 pound roast beef, 1/2 pound pastrami, and 1/2 pound baby swiss this works for the 2 of us. Now depending on the size of your family you can get more than a half pound or less, you be the judge!

You will want to grab a onion, a bell pepper while your at the store.

Slice up onion and bell pepper(think fajitas)and put a dollop of olive oil in a skillet, saute them tell they get nice and soft, then you can chop or shred (with your hands) the pastrami and roast beef.

cook until the edges of the roast beef look crispy, about 10 minutes then turn your stove to low and add your baby swiss on top and let it get all melty and happy about 3 minutes, then turn off stove and it’s done! Serve it up on cripsy keto cheese crackers or just eat it plain, for non keto put on a toasted hoagie bun or do like I did and put it in a tortilla and grill it for a different take on a crunch wrap!!!!! Good luck hope you enjoy!!!!


Roast beef 1/2pound.

Pastrami 1/2pound

Baby swiss 1/2pound

Onion 1/2 cup chopped or sliced thin(think fajitas)

Bell pepper whole chopped or sliced thin

Salt and pepper to taste and a splash of olive oil.

Cook time 15 minutes, prep time 5 minutes.

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