1.20.2019 Homestead Journal

Hi! A whole lot hasn’t been going on, it’s been snowing and cold, and aside from every day chores it’s been boring as heck around here! We have spring fever so bad we cant handle it, we have been planning out where to put chickens and goats, and moving the horses into summer pastures… but we cant do anything until the middle of March 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ so we still have a ways to go until it gets fun around here again!

The keto journey is still going great! Still loosing and crushing it!! I have lost 65 pounds so far!!! Nothing makes me happier than when my husband complements me on how good I’m looking, so that’s a huge boost in confidence!

We stayed up last night and had a fire and watched the eclipse until it got to cold lol but it was fun walking around the forest in the moon light with my husband! But boy did I sleep like crap and woke up grumpy lol.

Well that’s the update for now! Have fun everyone and have a great day! And happy homesteading!!!

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