2.9.2019 Homestead Journal

Well guess what, nothing lol nothing has been going on at all it’s been so bloody cold and boring, we havent been out to do anything fun and exciting. Tomorrow however we are building a composting toilet becuase our awesome mini septic set up has failed us miserably, frozen pipes in the leach field means a full tank which means it’s no good lol all of our pipes have frozen so it’s been a bit of a off grid struggle and with a awesome cold it hasn’t been fun around here. So we decided to go the composting toilet way of life and I’m excited to build it, plus it will save us so much water in the long run!!!! So stay tuned for that! I got a new awesome piercing for my birthday which I just love, i should blog about it hahah. I had a super awesome fun birthday on the 7th my husband is a total dream boat, and then we had a great birthday dinner with the in laws, they are such a true blessing I love them so much and I’m happy we can all be a family and have so much fun!!!!

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