Rv makeover

So while the hunk is out working on equipment and running equipment, I have decided to makeover our little rv! Now this isn’t just any rv, this is the place where we had our very first date and it was all down hill from their so we have had this rv our entire relationship! Going on 12 years so it’s time for a make over!!! So here is what I have done so far! I chalk painted the fridge, and painted the walls and painted on some cool stencils! I put on some peel and stick subway tiles for around the sink window,( I also got on amazon!) I got the stencils on Amazon and I used the brush on kind of chalk paint instead of the spray can kind, but both work very well! Now I’m not one of those fancy girls, I did not sand anything, wash anything nothing I just went for it! And its always turned out fine for me! So hope u enjoy and check back for more progress!!!

Big dozer eeekkk

So heeeyyy y’all ! So last weekend we had to up-grade to a big dozer to clear off all the stumps for our future, awesome off grid, homestead!!!! I just can’t wait to do all these awesome tutorials with u all!! Seeing as how everyone is loving my automatic goat milker!!! I just know this is going to be a big hit!! So on with the pics! Here is birtha a d8 allis chamblers dozer! And some more awesome pics of the homestead!!!

Still working

Hi! Well we got a bit more done this weekend! We started clearing trees on the flat spot where our home will be!!! Talk about exciting to be able to visualise where home will be!!!! I couldn’t be more excited to plan where the barn and round pin and animal homes will go also!!

It starts!

Hey everyone! So as of February we finally bought a piece of property! It is heavily wooded and at a elevation of ten thousand feet! Nestled high in the rocky mountains! We are going to build a complete off grid home!! So let’s get into it! We had to start by clearing trees as this place is very very wooded. So the first weekend we spent all day doing nothing but cutting down trees for our drive way and spot for our house! Next we went through with our little john deere 1010 dozer( which is just a small pocket dozer but she does her job just fine) and started pushing the logs and slash piles up clearing everything we fell!

Driveway finally all cleared!!!! While being at 10,000 feet one day it’s spring the next winter hahaha the weather does what it wants this high up!! But the work must go on! We finished the driveway and now this weekend on to the flat spot!!

Don’t worry I’m coming back!!

Howdy all! Long time no see!! Sorry! life has been nuts!! Sold the farm, sold all the animals. It’s been a sad sad year but we are on the up and up!!! We are buying a new place this coming week!!! And we will be building it from the ground up so be ready for tons of tutorials!!! As we will be building a beautiful 100% off grid home! And animal homes with ??? U guessed it goats! I can’t express enough how sad my life has been without goats, they are the best animal ever!

So as of right now we are city living and I’m currently a scentsy consultant! And I swear by scentsy I have been using scentsy for over 8 years so it only seems right to become a consultant! So I will be going into that here and their! I hope some of u have held on and are still following me!! Love u all and God bless!!!

Happy new year!!

Thank heavens 2016 is over!!! It’s started out horrible and ended just as bad!!!! I’m so happy for 2017!!! This year is going be great i can just feel it!!! We got so much going on its bound to be great!!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years! As for us we stayed in bed and snuggled! Happy new year!!!! 

Puppy paw balm

Hi everyone it’s been a crazy holiday! Everyone is good! My goats milk soaps have taken off!! I’m so happy hopefully I can keep on this awesome roll!! One of my new products though is not for humans( I’m sure u could use it if u wanted too but I made it for our 4 legged fluffy friends!!!)

With winter and even in summer we are outside alot! And I mean alot and our dogs are always with us, well this winter we got some good freezing rain, then it snowed, then melted, then froze really hard, my poor doberman Zhenna

Runs 100 MPH everywhere lol and some how has been cutting her pads up real bad so I decided I would make a batch of balm up for her and see if it worked??? I used the balm on all 3 of my dogs and it’s amazing!!! Her pads have heeled up and they don’t get cut anymore when she’s runing about on the frozen ice! I was worried it would leave greesey stains on the floor and carpet,.. nope not that I can tell anyways, and they don’t slip and slide on the floor or on the snow like I thought they would either. So needless to say I am in  love with this puppy balm and here is how u can make it!!! 

This recipe will make 16oz 

1 cup of coconut oil

1tbs of avocado oil

2 liquid omega 3 fish oil caps ( I poke with a safety pin and squeeze out) 

2 vitamin e liquid caps ( squeezed into bowl also) 

3 cups of all natural bees wax 

Put all ingredients in a double boiler and melt, when it’s melted pour into tins or jars and then add calendula to the oil , let stand for about 1 hour just to be safe then u are good to go! Just apply to your puppies paws every time before u let them out! And it has a very long shelf life! If you don’t want to make it  your self you can always buy it from me directly! Just send me a comment on here and I will let you know how!!!


Goat first aid

Two products to always have on hand along with your other animal first aid care…

We have had goats for 3 years now and in that time only 2 accidents have happened one was two of my females must have got into it good because one with horns, stabed the other one with out horns and punctured the top of her head so i separated them and applied vetracil and within a few days it was heeled up nicely. Last night was the second accident our new big boer goat fancy decided she was going to jump ontop of the goat shelters they are every bit of 4-5 foot high but she did it and in the process cut her leg on the tin roofing, so now we realized that we had better cover the edges so no one else gets hurt. 

Luckily it was only a flesh wound and only bled for just a minute, once again just sprayed vetracil on it to make sure no infection happens. For goat first aid i recommend vetracil for everything! Between listerine (the brown) and vetracil you dont really need much else unless its something really bad then as always call the vet! But for mites,ticks,fleas,ring worm listernine works like a charm just spray it on and done!! Works well also if they have any kind of hoof infection i spray the vetracil for two days then the listerine until it clears up and done! And its way cheaper then the harsh chemicals. Happy farming!! 


Why we do and don’t vaccinate.

Howdy everyone!! Greatings from the cold basin where we still have no snow!!! Lol our mountains do but not us ! So on to the point at hand! I choose not to vaccinate my pygmies and nigerians and here is why. I believe every animal has its own immune system in place for a reason and if they are not for human consumption or are being sold in mass quantity in sale barns, or coming in contact with new goats then i see no reason for it all my goats are happy and healthy pets!! now don’t get me wrong at birth i do give them a tetanus shot but that is it, so that way if anything should come on the farm they have a strong enough immune system to fight it off and so far everyone is great!! 

I do deworm regularly but not with heavy medications i use natrual herbs and h2o soap, yep thats right soap it works wonders and there is no holding period where i can’t milk them or harm done if they are pregnant. 

Now on to the african boers they will be always vaccinated because they will be for commercial,large scale selling and have come from sale barns where lets face it alot of sick animals go through, so better safe then sorry but they will get the all natural dewormer as with the soap u only put one table spoon for 5 gallons and it has to be h2o soap you can buy it on Amazon along with the herbal dewormer. The african boer goats will be tagged when they are born, vaccinated and then every spring and fall they will get vaccinated again. Know i now it sounds horrible to not vaccinate animals and then vaccinate others but i assure u all the unvaccinated goats have all been tested and cleared of any diseases including the big ones like CL and arthrius so i think we are good! Now dont let this turn u away from vaccines it is completely up to you it is personal preference  along with disbudding your goats! The goat jouney is all about finding what works best for you and your farm! And this is how we do our farm! Happy farming!!