Getting a new horse today!Ā 

Today the old man Peter is coming home to live with me forever! He’s about 19 and was rescued from the meat truck because people found him to unsafe “on the ground” which come to find out he is more than bomb proof while in the saddle!!! U can ride him up porches, in the arena, down a busy road, dogs can chase him, he can heard cows, he can walk through water!! He’s a amazing horse!! So who know what happened to him, he’s a little flitchy on the ground but other than that he’s bomb proof to the max I can’t wait to ride him and get a good little pattern on him! With the right care and exercise program I should be able to get a few more years outta him!!! 

New adventures

Oh I am so sorry !! life on the farm has been crazy! The minute it gets warm it’s all hands on deck!! So I will try to catch you all up the best I can!! We where blessed with a beautiful red roam colt on memorial weekend 

We named the wee lad “blue” we missed him being born but have been mauling him every day since !! He is a adventure all on his own!!! Don’t worry lots of up dates to come!! 

We bought 5 straight runs of chickens 2 of laying hens and the rest broilers which we made a awesome chicken plucker, again don’t worry more details coming on that too!! We also have 2 turkeys!  

I got a new horse his name is Peter the great and he is amazing!! Lots of barrel practice coming soon!! 

Which brings us to hay season which is in full swing now!! So hang on for the ride folks I’m back and will keep you all paired on all the daily adventures!!!! Thank you to all my faithful followers!!! 

So cold!!

It is a amazing 5 degrees outside and for the 5th day in a row we have not seen the sun! Everything is covered in a awesome layer of ice/ frost! It’s beautiful but I’m over it! Today is the first day of barrel racing, open jack pot and I have a feeling I will be missing this one! My horse has not seen a trailer or a saddle in over a year, and it’s so cold and horrible out I’m just going to save us both the pain and wait tell it warms up a bit! The poor baby goats are all huddled tight under the heat lamps, one of my Pygmys ear have gotten frost bite and the tips of them have Fallon off šŸ˜‘ !! have I mentioned I am over this winter lol ! Keep warm friends!  


The first big race!

Well it finally happened!! I participated in the local jackpot barrel race for my first official time!!! Now you all need to understand that I haven’t even really walked a pattern yet, and boy do I have a lot more work to do! But this experience was mind blowing! The amount of support I had was amazing, girls I have never met before where cheering me on! And giving me pointers, the whole experience was mind blowing!! I am truly a very blessed person! I walked and trotted the pattern, not the best I must say, but everyone has to start somewhere! I got the amazing time of 52.2 seconds lol but for that 52.2 seconds I could not have been happier!! I have learned a lot through all this. that barrel racing is about you, it’s about having fun and doing what you love who cares what time you got , you went out overcome fear and put all your trust in a 1200lb animal! I could not be more impressed with myself right now!!! And so impressed with the women in this horse community, thank you all so much you all are a true blessing!!! And huge thank you to my best friend who let me ride the most amazing horse ever! Now it’s time for work outs and endless hours in the saddle and hopefully next week I can lope the whole patter!!!  


Ride baby ride

I have been so so busy!!!! Horse riding, horse riding and horse riding!!! I have learned so much, I learned how to collect, how to move the buddy off of just my calf pressure and I tell you what my calves are on fire!! This summer is going to the summer of true country girl good times and getting fit!! I love this life!!  

 The new horses and new heeler dog! Our farm just keeps growing! 

Building confidenceĀ 

for some strange reason something has snapped or should I say broken in me. Lately I have been looking for excuses for getting out of riding? I don’t know why or how but I have. Well by gods great magical powers he has landed my best friend and barrel racer with me for a year. So in her first 2 days of living with us she wanted to go for a trail ride and I tried talking her out of it, well she won we saddled up and went for a trail ride. I was nervous and anxious and she could tell, she looked at me and said “head up ride on” and in that split second when I repeated those words it was like I had instantly gotten my confidence back!! I was amazed!! My horse relaxed and I had the best ride I have had in a long time!! I am so excited for this summer I know it won’t be long before I trot my first pattern!!! HEAD UP RIDE ON!! 




As I think back to the very first rodeo I ever went to ( had to been about three,Ā rodeo is a big part of where IĀ amĀ from and town shuts down for the rodeo) something spoke to me when they opened the gate and set up those three barrels and let the girls run and around three barrels and back home, all in 15 seconds or less!!! as I got older the voice got stronger to the point now where even writing this blog makes me tear up because I really think its my calling, how else could something like that make your soul scream for it.The power and love and trust and the freedom you feel when seeing a horse run, strikes you to your core, how could you not want feel that and to feel that in an arena with people in the stands cheering you on,must be amazing! I will be working the patter (barrel race patter) this spring with my horse buddy and I can’t wait, I have a few friends well one main one who is a barrel racer and she is the most amazing sweet hearted, wild girl I have ever met and me being 31 and her also being 31 I pray someday to grow up and be just like her lol . the bond that you must have between you and that 1200 poundĀ animal must be unshakeable, and you have to put all your trust into that animal, this is not football, that 1200 pound animal has a mind of its own and if it don’t want to go it’s not going if it don’t want you on it, you’re not staying! lol, so that’s what I have been working on with my horses.Ā building a relation ship with the animal from the ground up it’s a lot work ,a lot of hours but I can’t wait to get started back up IĀ am kinda shut down right now with it being -10 out and all, and I am hoping the minute it warms back up I will have the time to be 100% dedicated to just him and actually be able to run my first barrel race this summer!