New adventures

Oh I am so sorry !! life on the farm has been crazy! The minute it gets warm it’s all hands on deck!! So I will try to catch you all up the best I can!! We where blessed with a beautiful red roam colt on memorial weekend 

We named the wee lad “blue” we missed him being born but have been mauling him every day since !! He is a adventure all on his own!!! Don’t worry lots of up dates to come!! 

We bought 5 straight runs of chickens 2 of laying hens and the rest broilers which we made a awesome chicken plucker, again don’t worry more details coming on that too!! We also have 2 turkeys!  

I got a new horse his name is Peter the great and he is amazing!! Lots of barrel practice coming soon!! 

Which brings us to hay season which is in full swing now!! So hang on for the ride folks I’m back and will keep you all paired on all the daily adventures!!!! Thank you to all my faithful followers!!! 

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How To Trick Your Chickens Into Laying More Winter Eggs

Image source: By Pat B – Off The Grid News We have been raising chickens for their eggs on our homestead almost from the first day we got here six years ago. Chickens are a great starter as far as livestock goes and let’s face it, who doesn’t love farm fresh eggs? Chickens are […]

The New Year

Happy new year everyone! Things are going great, cold but great. I am so excited for this new year! lots of babies to born on the farm, and lots of things to do. The three baby goats are growing strong happy and healthy and FAST! way to fast!

Norman the cow goes into the butcher tomorrow, He has been a good steer and we have gave him a great life! I couldn’t be more happy with how fast and healthy he has grown and i am so thankful to have that meat for this coming year.

Chickens have all but stopped laying eggs so the the great chicken dispatch will be coming up shortly, And that will be even more wonderful meat for the up coming year. There are about 15 chickens, only 4 will be spared as they were just born this last fall.


Top Animals for your homestead

We have been doing this for a full year now and still do not have everything down just yet but its a work in progress and its a fun one!! so here is my list of top animals for a smaller homestead, we have 12 acres so this list would work for 12 acres and under.

Chickens for eggs and for meat: Chickens are good for about two years, so the first spring you get them it should be that fall you should start getting eggs, you have lots to choose from when it comes to chickens  you have your Americana’s, your Rhode islands, your leghorns, the list goes on and on. if you have a rooster you can save some of your eggs and incubate them then you can have a turn over rate, if no rooster then you just eat the eggs wait for the next fall and butcher all your chickens, laying hens are a lot tougher then your broiler chickens, so you have two choices you can harvest the layers and use them for your soup stock or you can just keep them until they all retire . Now broilers you want to buy in the spring and then harvest that fall for the following spring because those are your meat birds and you do not want them to get very old at all. The older the bird the tougher. Chickens take up hardly any space and are really easy to care for. We just let our free range the whole farm and at night they tuck themselves in bed all we do is shut and lock the barn door!

Goats for milk and meat:  Now I am really in love with this, this has changed my whole out look on the homestead! If you don’t have alot of space this is where your meat and dairy goats come into play(And my latest adventure) You want to go with the smaller goats, Nigerian dwarfs, pygmy, Fainting goats, and your boer goats. Nigerians dwarfs are a dairy goat a very small and stocky goat, they produce about 3 to 5 cups of milk and unlike the bigger diary goats there milk is sweeter and has a way higher butter fat, same with the pygmy, now with the higher butter fat you get fuller way faster and stay full longer so if you have a family of 4 and you all drink a giant glass of goats milk in the morning you will not be able to eat the rest of the day! Trust me!! so i like the little cups of goats milk its just right for our family. Now fainting goats are a meat goat and they taste wonderful, same with your boer goats, these animals need some space but not a lot as long as you have lots of things for them to chew on and climb on they wont escape (all the time) and are really easy to care for. And a blast to watch!

Pigs: While pigs probably aren’t a great first animal for your homestead, once you are comfortable around livestock, they can be a great addition. Not only will they happily devour all the scraps, along with excess milk and whey from your dairy animals, they will convert it into the most delicious pork you have ever tasted.

Pigs are, however, a little more difficult to control and a bit more intimidating than your typical livestock. With their combination of brains and brawn, they rival goats in terms of escaping from fences. Loading them into a trailer for processing is no easy feat either! However, if you have a keen sense of adventure and want delicious pork for your table, pigs are an awesome addition to your homestead.


Ducks: Ducks are one of my favorite homestead animals! I find them endlessly entertaining. Although mine love the pond, they can be perfectly happy with a baby pool to splash in, although you will need to be prepared to dump and refill it at least twice a day! Ducks do not typically make much noise, with muscovy ducks being the quietest. They lay big eggs that are nutritious and wonderful for baking. They can also be processed for meat, much like a chicken.

So their you have it that is my list for the perfect small homestead animals.



Fall just might be here!

Oh sorry it’s been so long life has been crazy! Just a fast update! The leaves are starting to change and that crisp air is sinking in in the morning and of course it’s coffee and hot chocolate time! And as of today no more 70 and 80 degree days! 

The horses are in pasture and are frisky and happy as ever, the chickens have slowed down to 4 eggs a day along with molting lol the goats are all fat as they should all be having babies in November, Norman the cow is on a good corn regiment as he goes to slaughter in December. Around Halloween we are getting our two bred heffers. So exciting!!! God bless everyone and God bless this farm! 

Chicken freedom

about one month ago I discovered that one of our hens had four little baby chicks following her around, so we waited tell night time and caught the hen and her four little chicks. We put them all together in a large dog kennel so nothing could hurt them. Well now after a full month they are big enough to be let out into goat world lol and boy are they happy digging and eating bugs and having a ball. Chicken freedom !! Now we just have to keep a eye out for anyother brudy hens so we can keep the chicken population growing!  


Joining the farmers market

We are so excited to be joining our communities little farmers market. It will be our first one ever! I plan on making soaps, bath bombs. And then we found out that we can sale all our eggs!! Seeing as how we are holding steady at 21 eggs a day can’t wait to make some money off of those pretty babys and as soon as the garden comes in we will be able to sale all our produce too!! I just love living in a small community!