Puppy paw balm

Hi everyone it’s been a crazy holiday! Everyone is good! My goats milk soaps have taken off!! I’m so happy hopefully I can keep on this awesome roll!! One of my new products though is not for humans( I’m sure u could use it if u wanted too but I made it for our 4 legged fluffy friends!!!)

With winter and even in summer we are outside alot! And I mean alot and our dogs are always with us, well this winter we got some good freezing rain, then it snowed, then melted, then froze really hard, my poor doberman Zhenna

Runs 100 MPH everywhere lol and some how has been cutting her pads up real bad so I decided I would make a batch of balm up for her and see if it worked??? I used the balm on all 3 of my dogs and it’s amazing!!! Her pads have heeled up and they don’t get cut anymore when she’s runing about on the frozen ice! I was worried it would leave greesey stains on the floor and carpet,.. nope not that I can tell anyways, and they don’t slip and slide on the floor or on the snow like I thought they would either. So needless to say I am in  love with this puppy balm and here is how u can make it!!! 

This recipe will make 16oz 

1 cup of coconut oil

1tbs of avocado oil

2 liquid omega 3 fish oil caps ( I poke with a safety pin and squeeze out) 

2 vitamin e liquid caps ( squeezed into bowl also) 

3 cups of all natural bees wax 

Put all ingredients in a double boiler and melt, when it’s melted pour into tins or jars and then add calendula to the oil , let stand for about 1 hour just to be safe then u are good to go! Just apply to your puppies paws every time before u let them out! And it has a very long shelf life! If you don’t want to make it  your self you can always buy it from me directly! Just send me a comment on here and I will let you know how!!!


Goat disbudded? ?

I’m going to retract my previous post. Well not my previous but a while back I posted about the dis budding,dehorning your goats, and in the beginning I was all for it, well then I had two pygmies both females  I took them in when you know they first started showing that they were getting horns, I took them in and got them  disbudded like they say to do in every book on every website.  so I took them into the Vet the vet as a professional he gets paid to do this he does this for a living and he did it. well about 2 to 3 weeks later I noticed they were starting to get scurs so then I took them back to the vet and he redid it again I got to stay and watch and it was horiffic he burnt the goats ear her eye everything it was horrible for those poor babies those poor screams, it was awful and  nope still didn’t work totally came back both of my two female pygmies have scurs.  so then I bought  two Nigerian Dwarfs   they were dehorn disbudded by an amazing woman who has been doing that for 20-something years and you could tell that when I got them that it was a professional job, it looked great you could tell that she had done her job it looked like it looks in the pictures how it’s supposed to look they will be a year old in March and they now too have scurs growing it’s super sad I feel horrible about it because now some of them look super funky one of the pygmys has a scur that is growing into her head and luckily it’s not a strong horn and so when she rubs her head or plays on stuff it breaks it off so luckily I don’t have to saw or do any of that to it, the other pygmy that seen the vet twice has a beautiful crown growing now I feel horrible about it so hhorrible, so yes I’m going to leave my goats in the natural state that they’re supposed to be in, goats are supposed to have horns if they don’t have horns then they’re polled which I have two Nigerian dwarfs that are polled   which means they don’t grow horns which is super cool I’m going to try and carry on that bloodline but if they should have horns then they will have horns I will no longer be putting them through that horrible awful torture people say that it’s okay that they cry for a minute,  yes I know some people can handle it,some people can’t and as for this sunflower Blossom bench we will have horns.

Sunday fun day 

Sunday being our only day off you think we would relax but nope, not on this farm lol been up since 6 got a welding machine fixed for a fellow welder, now we are off to farm equipment fixing the swather getting it ready for our last hay cutting of the season ( thank heavens!) It needs a few teeth replaced then cleaned up and oiled and should be good to go! 

Baby blue 

Oh the learning curve of our first baby and of course it has to be a stud colt lol. He is teaching me so much and he is a amazing fast learner! he will be 4 months old on the 29th of September and so far so good he is for the most part halter broke and leads kinda OK lol alot of head throwing but we are working on it! Gave him his fist bath last week and once the initial it’s not going to kill him wore off he was a champ about it, we can pick up all four feet and and his hugs are the best! Soon it will be time to ween him and that’s when all the real work starts we are thinking of weening him in October. Happy blue day everyone!!

New adventures

Oh I am so sorry !! life on the farm has been crazy! The minute it gets warm it’s all hands on deck!! So I will try to catch you all up the best I can!! We where blessed with a beautiful red roam colt on memorial weekend 

We named the wee lad “blue” we missed him being born but have been mauling him every day since !! He is a adventure all on his own!!! Don’t worry lots of up dates to come!! 

We bought 5 straight runs of chickens 2 of laying hens and the rest broilers which we made a awesome chicken plucker, again don’t worry more details coming on that too!! We also have 2 turkeys!  

I got a new horse his name is Peter the great and he is amazing!! Lots of barrel practice coming soon!! 

Which brings us to hay season which is in full swing now!! So hang on for the ride folks I’m back and will keep you all paired on all the daily adventures!!!! Thank you to all my faithful followers!!! 

Up and running!! 

Oh my heck I have been so busy!! So let’s dive in!! My Nigerian dwarf had 3 beautiful babies and I have been milking her! Her babies are 3 weeks old so I pull them off and put them in their own pin at night and milk the doe in the morning I have been getting almost 2 pints!!! So I have started making soaps and body washes!! On top of that I have been making bath bombs and body scrubs!!! 

You can check them all out at sunflowerblossomhw@etsy.com

On top of that I have been bottle feeding my other two Nigerian dwarfs and they have been growing so fast!! My wonderful mare is pregant and due any day any minute!!! So so excited!! And today was first day as a cake decorator!!! So much fun I will be sure to keep you all posted thanks for following!!! 

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Expanding the farm!

When you own a farm it seems the work is never done. We are putting up more fence today, we plan to build a bigger horse paddock at the end of the paddocks we have now and weld roofs over the paddocks, then we are fixing goat world lol so it looks a lot prettier no more saggy fence!! And we are runing fence down over the hillside so the goats can play in the rocks and trees !!! Stay tuned pics are coming as we set posts today!!!!! 

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