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Easy Ways to Go GMO-Free (and Why You Should)

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper Welcome to Foodie Friday.  This is the GMO-free edition! Want to make your kitchen GMO-free? This week’s round-up is loaded with news, tips, and recipes that can help!   This feature is chock-full of all things food related: news, preservation, and delicious real food recipes.  As always, I […]


How To DIY A Greenhouse: 9 Projects For Your Homestead

By Chris Black – SurvivoPedia Today’s article is as green as it gets, because it’s about DIY-ing greenhouses. How do you build a greenhouse, you ask? The easy answer is: you build a house and you paint it green. Ok, I am kidding, but today’s article is about the basics of DIY-ing your own-personal greenhouse, the […]

Build a green house. 

This year we have decided to take growing a garden to a whole new level. We not only want to grow enough food for us but for the farmers market as well! To see exactly what, if any if there is a demand for fresh produce in this place, for some strange reason it’s crazy popular every where else but not so much in the basin and I just don’t get it! But anyways back to the green house, we bought a small garden shed and decided to build a green house off the one side of it and we used the old drain grates out of the barn for shelves and I have to admit it is coming along wonderfully!!  


Where Are You Buying Your Vegetable Garden Seeds?

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog You might ask (or be wondering), “Where is the best place to buy seeds for the garden?” Maybe it doesn’t matter much, but then again maybe it does. Do you care to share your preferred supplier or retailer where you buy your seeds? Spring is coming and hopefully […]

7 Vegetables You Should Be Starting Indoors Right NOW!

Image source: By Kristen Duever – Off The Grid News With gardening, there is always something to do, and when it comes to planting, this is especially true. Get a head start on your growing season by starting a few vegetables right now. That’s right: You can start planting your vegetables during February and […]

eat a rainbow @rareseeds

Rareseeds: The next time you pull a vibrantly colored carrot out of the soil, or sink your teeth into a delicious and colorful heirloom tomato, please don’t forget to thank your ancestors! It was their diligent and loving selection of traits over centuries that crafted the incredible diversity we enjoy today. As home gardeners and […]

Modify Your Soil’s pH Level Naturally

Soil pH measures how acidic or alkaline the soil makeup is. The pH scale can run from 1 through 14 while 7 is neutral. 1-6.9 indicates the level acid in the soil. 7.5-14 indicates the level of alkaline in the soil. Most soil has a pH level between 4.0 (acidic) to 8.0 (alkaline) while most […]

Growing Radishes

Radishes are under-utilized in our diet. Radishes are good source of vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, iron, magnesium, copper and calcium.  They are also full of anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, electrolytes and dietary fiber.  Radishes can be grown year-round; just select the right variety for the season.  There are over 200 varieties of radish, so pick and […]

Corn harvest

This year we planted four rows of corn 3 of the rows were seeds we saved from last year and man did they do amazing! We plucked all the corn bent over all the stocks and fed the stocks and the shucks to the goats, cows and chickens and let me tell you what it has been a long day and everyone has enjoyed it!  

We shuck the corn, break or cut off any bad spots and then throw them in a pot. 

 After they boil for about 20 minutes we pull them out and cut all the corn off the cob. 

  Then it’s into quart size freezer bags, 4 cups of corn in each bag,and into the freezer they go!! With this batch we got 65 quart bags of corn! Way faster and better than canning i think!! 



  its that time of year!! I wish it was a little cooler here, it’s a wonderful 100 degrees! But no matter what canning and freezing the veggies must be done. We always freeze half and can the other half. Today we got a bountiful harvest of beets, we have more beets this year than we have ever had, but we also have a awesome giant garden this year! We pull the beets from the ground put them in a giant tub, cut off the ends(but leave a inch on or they will bleed out) then we wash them, then boil them for about 30 to 45 minutes , then remove from hot water, drain, then add cold water let them cool for about 10 minutes then rub off the hard outer area of the beet ! Then it’s up to you to cann or freeze !! So amazing and I can’t wait to have some they are one of my favorites !! Many many blessing come from growing your own garden and working with the land, I could not be more blessed!