its that time of year!! I wish it was a little cooler here, it’s a wonderful 100 degrees! But no matter what canning and freezing the veggies must be done. We always freeze half and can the other half. Today we got a bountiful harvest of beets, we have more beets this year than we have ever had, but we also have a awesome giant garden this year! We pull the beets from the ground put them in a giant tub, cut off the ends(but leave a inch on or they will bleed out) then we wash them, then boil them for about 30 to 45 minutes , then remove from hot water, drain, then add cold water let them cool for about 10 minutes then rub off the hard outer area of the beet ! Then it’s up to you to cann or freeze !! So amazing and I can’t wait to have some they are one of my favorites !! Many many blessing come from growing your own garden and working with the land, I could not be more blessed! 

Busy as a bee!

My sweet sweet husband has been back a full week now and as normal when he comes back it has been busy,busy, busy!!! We got the 8 foot deer fence up around the garden, got it all plowed and tilled and marked, now we are just waiting for our fruit trees and berries and they should be here any day now. With it being so warm I think this week we are going to go ahead and plant all our peas. 

 The big alfalfa feild is already coming in so fast thier shouldn’t be any reason to not get 4 cuttings this year. We managed to feed all the animals off of just one cutting last year because we lost the other two due to lots of rain( won’t let that happen again.) 

 It has been hours upon hours of fence getting things ready to bring on cows by the middle of summer and we are so excited! Our meat cow that we have been raising is growing good and getting bigger every day as big as a holsten will get that is 

 now it’s off for more farming adventures! 

Getting the garden ready

With the fence up around the garden,it’s all about preparation for spring. With it being so warm it would be great to get a head start on planting but we all know it will snow the minute things start to sprout. So we tilled up the full acre garden and everyone came out to help, the chickens, the dogs , and the cats! It was a beautiful day, days like this make me thank god he made a farmer!