What’s been going on?

First off I cant believe how many people love and read about my home made goat milker I would like to thank you all so much!!! That’s so awesome!!!

Well let’s see here we got our horses, fenced in some pasture for them. Got things all buttoned down for winter which kinda came today we got a little bit of snow and its supposed to snow more today so we will see. We got the camper/tiny home all skirted in with plywood, a bigger propane tank, and our water situation kinda under better control so our water dont freeze!!! We have been crazy busy!!

Getting water ~off grid

Hi all! Well we are moved into our comfy r.v / tiny home which we are still working on but it’s coming along nicely! So we are now off grid and loving it! So the big question what do you do about water, bathroom, showers? Well if your like us and have a spring then it’s really not to big of a problem but a lot of people don’t have a free flowing spring like we do, but we plan on digging our own personal spring in the next year and I will go more into that later.

So here is our little set up we have for getting water to our place! We bought this pump and hoses from harbor freight for $180.00 and then we bought the container from tractor supply which we paid way to much for and now we are in search of a square tote which u can find for 50.00 to 100.00 and we paid 180.00 for our little 50 gallon tank and the square totes hold 250 gallons so yeah that was a dumb move on our part. So here is how we get water!

So after are tank is full we take back to the homestead and pump into the tiny home where it is hooked to the existing water pump. We hit the pump button In the r.v and it pressures up the whole tiny home hot water heater and is ready to go! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do the best I can I answer you! Thanks for following and much love!!!!

Here we go

Today’s the official moving day. We are moving to our off grid homestead!!!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! I’m so tired of the city and tired of worrying about money! It’s TRUE what they say more money more problems. And I’m happy all that’s behind us we only have a year and a half left of big Bill’s then we will be completely bill free! I’m counting down the days and it will go by so fast I’m sure. Thanks for following along! I will keep u all posted as soon as we are moved!!!

Two steps forward 10 steps back!

So we have been busy! Got the homestead homebase all flat got the camper moved up, roof on the camper, then a bear broke into the camper lol lol lucky it didn’t do to much damage. So we started the off grid water venture got everything hooked up and water running!! Well then we woke up to wet carpet! The fresh water tank under the bed decided to spring a leak so back we go To get a new tank! So here is the set up! We go to a fresh water spring and use the pump to pump water into our 50 gallon tank then we bring it back home and pump it into our camper holding tank!!! We have the gray water go into a tote which is hooked to a leach hose so the water is leached back into the ground! After the water tank in the camper is fixed then it’s on to sewer and fixing the bathroom all up!

Goat first aid

Two products to always have on hand along with your other animal first aid care…

We have had goats for 3 years now and in that time only 2 accidents have happened one was two of my females must have got into it good because one with horns, stabed the other one with out horns and punctured the top of her head so i separated them and applied vetracil and within a few days it was heeled up nicely. Last night was the second accident our new big boer goat fancy decided she was going to jump ontop of the goat shelters they are every bit of 4-5 foot high but she did it and in the process cut her leg on the tin roofing, so now we realized that we had better cover the edges so no one else gets hurt. 

Luckily it was only a flesh wound and only bled for just a minute, once again just sprayed vetracil on it to make sure no infection happens. For goat first aid i recommend vetracil for everything! Between listerine (the brown) and vetracil you dont really need much else unless its something really bad then as always call the vet! But for mites,ticks,fleas,ring worm listernine works like a charm just spray it on and done!! Works well also if they have any kind of hoof infection i spray the vetracil for two days then the listerine until it clears up and done! And its way cheaper then the harsh chemicals. Happy farming!! 


Why we do and don’t vaccinate.

Howdy everyone!! Greatings from the cold basin where we still have no snow!!! Lol our mountains do but not us ! So on to the point at hand! I choose not to vaccinate my pygmies and nigerians and here is why. I believe every animal has its own immune system in place for a reason and if they are not for human consumption or are being sold in mass quantity in sale barns, or coming in contact with new goats then i see no reason for it all my goats are happy and healthy pets!! now don’t get me wrong at birth i do give them a tetanus shot but that is it, so that way if anything should come on the farm they have a strong enough immune system to fight it off and so far everyone is great!! 

I do deworm regularly but not with heavy medications i use natrual herbs and h2o soap, yep thats right soap it works wonders and there is no holding period where i can’t milk them or harm done if they are pregnant. 

Now on to the african boers they will be always vaccinated because they will be for commercial,large scale selling and have come from sale barns where lets face it alot of sick animals go through, so better safe then sorry but they will get the all natural dewormer as with the soap u only put one table spoon for 5 gallons and it has to be h2o soap you can buy it on Amazon along with the herbal dewormer. The african boer goats will be tagged when they are born, vaccinated and then every spring and fall they will get vaccinated again. Know i now it sounds horrible to not vaccinate animals and then vaccinate others but i assure u all the unvaccinated goats have all been tested and cleared of any diseases including the big ones like CL and arthrius so i think we are good! Now dont let this turn u away from vaccines it is completely up to you it is personal preference  along with disbudding your goats! The goat jouney is all about finding what works best for you and your farm! And this is how we do our farm! Happy farming!! 

Why we traded in our cattle for goats.

Howdy everyone! Thats right you heard it right we traded in our beef cattle for african boer goats! We have a medium sized place roughly about 12 acres witch is plenty big enough to house a few cattle but after last winter we decided the money was just not their with cattle, my husband was on the road working and i was home alone with two heffers about ready to calve,the one heffer was a first time calver and it didnt go so well..she had went into labor sometime in the freezing night and the calves head was stuck in the birthing  canal, i had my arms arm pit deep in the poor heffer it was so sad and quite the experience for a girl by herself who has never had to do anything like that but had watched alot of doctor poll lol so i kinda had a clue as to what to do. At the end of the day with the lost calf we where out 1000.00 or more and the cattle market just keeps going down. In any livestock market its always best to buy low sell high but with the struggling cattle market we kept buying high and selling low, not even making our money back. So we sold the cattle and bought african boer goats, they have the best market right now, as does any goat. The goat market is getting stronger and stronger every day i feel. we bought a few kids from 65. 75.00 dollars per head (all nannies) and one older really pretty boar nannie for 165 who has been exposed (bred) to a papered boer buck! So that was a deal! 

Now if we wanted too we could raise those kids up and sale them from 100.00 to 150.00 a peace depending on weight!!! That is a amazing turn over!! You can double your money every time!!!! You could make a good living just doing that but we are in it for the long haul so we will breed all the nannies and then sell the kids and keep a few kids and keep on that roation until we have 260 goats at the 260 mark the goats will pay for our mortgage on the farm!!! And our mortgage is 2200. A month.  so 260 goats will cover our mortgage for a whole year!!!! That is simply amazing to me!!! But before u all become goat fatmers you have to add in feed, hay, vacancies and other vet expenses. The avergae african boer goat needs one ton of hay a year. With our place we grow our own hay so we wont have to buy hay which puts us ahead of the game. But if you want to make a small back yard profit its totally worth it to buy you a few kids and feed them up and sell them! And double your money!! You could make a pretty good money just going to sale barn in the spring buy 5 goats raise them up then sell them in the fall!!! The goat market is wear its at folks!!! And i am way excited for this adventure!! Currently we sit at 22 goats so we are off to a awesome start it should take us about 1 more year to get to where we need to be!!!! Yay goats!!! 

Building a milk barn

With the recent decision to do away with mass chickens we decided to turn the chicken coop into a milk barn/birthing pen. Its been so cold out side so we have been building as fast as we can! when its all done it will have 3 pens, the milking room and a small space for a few chickens this spring! I am way excited for feburay when all the nigerian and pygmy babies will be born!

Its a work in progress but so far i am very pleased with how its turning out! 

Goat disbudded? ?

I’m going to retract my previous post. Well not my previous but a while back I posted about the dis budding,dehorning your goats, and in the beginning I was all for it, well then I had two pygmies both females  I took them in when you know they first started showing that they were getting horns, I took them in and got them  disbudded like they say to do in every book on every website.  so I took them into the Vet the vet as a professional he gets paid to do this he does this for a living and he did it. well about 2 to 3 weeks later I noticed they were starting to get scurs so then I took them back to the vet and he redid it again I got to stay and watch and it was horiffic he burnt the goats ear her eye everything it was horrible for those poor babies those poor screams, it was awful and  nope still didn’t work totally came back both of my two female pygmies have scurs.  so then I bought  two Nigerian Dwarfs   they were dehorn disbudded by an amazing woman who has been doing that for 20-something years and you could tell that when I got them that it was a professional job, it looked great you could tell that she had done her job it looked like it looks in the pictures how it’s supposed to look they will be a year old in March and they now too have scurs growing it’s super sad I feel horrible about it because now some of them look super funky one of the pygmys has a scur that is growing into her head and luckily it’s not a strong horn and so when she rubs her head or plays on stuff it breaks it off so luckily I don’t have to saw or do any of that to it, the other pygmy that seen the vet twice has a beautiful crown growing now I feel horrible about it so hhorrible, so yes I’m going to leave my goats in the natural state that they’re supposed to be in, goats are supposed to have horns if they don’t have horns then they’re polled which I have two Nigerian dwarfs that are polled   which means they don’t grow horns which is super cool I’m going to try and carry on that bloodline but if they should have horns then they will have horns I will no longer be putting them through that horrible awful torture people say that it’s okay that they cry for a minute,  yes I know some people can handle it,some people can’t and as for this sunflower Blossom bench we will have horns.