Baby blue 

Oh the learning curve of our first baby and of course it has to be a stud colt lol. He is teaching me so much and he is a amazing fast learner! he will be 4 months old on the 29th of September and so far so good he is for the most part halter broke and leads kinda OK lol alot of head throwing but we are working on it! Gave him his fist bath last week and once the initial it’s not going to kill him wore off he was a champ about it, we can pick up all four feet and and his hugs are the best! Soon it will be time to ween him and that’s when all the real work starts we are thinking of weening him in October. Happy blue day everyone!!

Fast learning blue! 

The little man is learning so fast! So the little colt has started following me around the pen and letting me touch him all over, I have been picking up his legs every day well tonight I barely touched his legs and he gave me his foot!!! I held it for about 5 seconds, I made sure to drop it before he could take it away from me you know that whole pressure and release bit! I’m so excited he’s going to be so amazing!! I know I should be a lot farther with him but I am as happy as a peach with this new development!! 

Getting a new horse today! 

Today the old man Peter is coming home to live with me forever! He’s about 19 and was rescued from the meat truck because people found him to unsafe “on the ground” which come to find out he is more than bomb proof while in the saddle!!! U can ride him up porches, in the arena, down a busy road, dogs can chase him, he can heard cows, he can walk through water!! He’s a amazing horse!! So who know what happened to him, he’s a little flitchy on the ground but other than that he’s bomb proof to the max I can’t wait to ride him and get a good little pattern on him! With the right care and exercise program I should be able to get a few more years outta him!!! 

Baby blue

Our sweet colt baby blue is amazing!!! Every day is a new day and we make a little more progress! We have been getting him use to us touching him all over , we haven’t got a halter on him yet. But I can pick up all four feet and hold them!! Baby steps, baby steps.. So I am dedicated to getting the halter on him this week!! 

New adventures

Oh I am so sorry !! life on the farm has been crazy! The minute it gets warm it’s all hands on deck!! So I will try to catch you all up the best I can!! We where blessed with a beautiful red roam colt on memorial weekend 

We named the wee lad “blue” we missed him being born but have been mauling him every day since !! He is a adventure all on his own!!! Don’t worry lots of up dates to come!! 

We bought 5 straight runs of chickens 2 of laying hens and the rest broilers which we made a awesome chicken plucker, again don’t worry more details coming on that too!! We also have 2 turkeys!  

I got a new horse his name is Peter the great and he is amazing!! Lots of barrel practice coming soon!! 

Which brings us to hay season which is in full swing now!! So hang on for the ride folks I’m back and will keep you all paired on all the daily adventures!!!! Thank you to all my faithful followers!!! 

Up and running!! 

Oh my heck I have been so busy!! So let’s dive in!! My Nigerian dwarf had 3 beautiful babies and I have been milking her! Her babies are 3 weeks old so I pull them off and put them in their own pin at night and milk the doe in the morning I have been getting almost 2 pints!!! So I have started making soaps and body washes!! On top of that I have been making bath bombs and body scrubs!!! 

You can check them all out at

On top of that I have been bottle feeding my other two Nigerian dwarfs and they have been growing so fast!! My wonderful mare is pregant and due any day any minute!!! So so excited!! And today was first day as a cake decorator!!! So much fun I will be sure to keep you all posted thanks for following!!! 

Expanding the farm!

When you own a farm it seems the work is never done. We are putting up more fence today, we plan to build a bigger horse paddock at the end of the paddocks we have now and weld roofs over the paddocks, then we are fixing goat world lol so it looks a lot prettier no more saggy fence!! And we are runing fence down over the hillside so the goats can play in the rocks and trees !!! Stay tuned pics are coming as we set posts today!!!!! 

Goodbye sweet horse

My big beautiful horse did not make it. The gwen was a half Clydesdale she was the sweetest most kind hearted animal i have ever met, the words gentle giant dont even come close to explaining her. She was patient and kind and you could do anything on her, or around her. Rip gwen i will love you forever my sweet beautiful baby girl! my heart is broken with out you! so sad to know this was my last picture of her.img_5548

Cold and colic 

yesterday my half Clydesdale  got hit with colic 😞 it’s been a long 24 hours but I am praying she is on the good side of things she is standing up and not laying down but I think she is still in pain.. 

So we loaded her in the horse trailer yesterday and took her to the vet after he put the warm water and mineral oil down her he examined her teeth and found the reason she colic it was because one of her top teeth in the back had grown so long she wasn’t chewing food up as good as she needed too, so he cut it off  

Horses eat in a figure 8 pattern and when there teeth get to long they can no longer grind the food down and when it goes threw the stomach in big peaces it can block up and cause colic , So make sure to get your horses teeth floated! This was a costly and painful mistake that I am kicking myself in the butt for! 

Fall just might be here!

Oh sorry it’s been so long life has been crazy! Just a fast update! The leaves are starting to change and that crisp air is sinking in in the morning and of course it’s coffee and hot chocolate time! And as of today no more 70 and 80 degree days! 

The horses are in pasture and are frisky and happy as ever, the chickens have slowed down to 4 eggs a day along with molting lol the goats are all fat as they should all be having babies in November, Norman the cow is on a good corn regiment as he goes to slaughter in December. Around Halloween we are getting our two bred heffers. So exciting!!! God bless everyone and God bless this farm!