Been gone so long

It’s so hard for me to pull it together and get out of this slump! With my husband gone I just don’t want to do much of anything, he is my everything my inspiration, my passion and with him being gone I just can’t seem to get around to doing anything. The only time I actually pull it all together is 2 days before I head off to see him! He is a big help though he always sends the sweetest texts and calls every night before bed! I know what he has to do to keep us afloat but what I wouldn’t give to be with him and be his helper again, don’t get me wrong it’s hard work but it was worth it to see him so happy When I was with him! Pipeline wife’s don’t have it easy by any means! We have to stay strong minded and strong willed and all the while hold down the fort, pay the bills and keep our chin up when we are hurting inside because we miss them so much. Our welders are not just a paycheck like so many people think,they are our soul mates, our undying lovers and for pipeliners like mine the last of a dying bread who is holding on to a dying industry that is turning into punk kids and flat bill hats! It’s heart breaking to hear him so upset about where this industry has gone. All of this stress on top of missing my love makes for a real sad time. But It won’t be like this forever! God bless the pipeliner and his wife!

Pipeliners wife

It has been a full week since he got on the plane, it’s been ok. I have been keeping myself busy with re decorating our bed room and taking care of the farm. It’s never easy when he’s gone I love him so much and can’t wait tell I can kiss his sweet face again, but I know I still have two or three more weeks I hope they go by just as fast. I love how hard he works and what he has sacrificed for us to have this wonderful life we have! I love you baby your the best husband ever! Below is a pic of the pipeline he is laying in Alaska. 

pipeliner’s goodbye


I should have know better than to get my hopes up, this time of year in the basin usually means that its going to slow down, well with the price of oil dropping so low it all but died around this place, everyone I know has or is getting laid off. It’s so hard because that’s when all the stress hits. Thank the good lord above my husband didn’t skip a beat he was laid off one day and by noon the next was getting a plane ticket for the last frontier, Alaska! I am so happy for him its a big thing to be from the lower 48 and to have worked on a pipeline in Alaska they don’t mess around up there. I am however a little sad one because I wont see him for three or four solid weeks and two because I didn’t get to go with him! I love Alaska it’s the most beautiful place in the world!  I am so happy for him to have this experience and to have this notch in his belt! I love being a pipeliner’s wife there is never a dull moment, it does however always get harder every time he has to leave. That goodbye always kills me. Its bitter sweet kinda thing.

The oil field wife

Its up and  at it at five a.m, making a lunch and sending him off to work, it’s paying the bills cleaning the house and hoping to get a text or a call from him just to say hi. It’s hoping he can find away to stay near home for work but knowing in your heart that chances are he’s going to have to leave again soon. It’s being strong in times when you know your going to be alone when he’s on the road. It’s waiting by the phone for his evening call to tell you goodnight and he loves you. It’s knowing how hard he has to work to keep my dream and his dream alive. It’s being strong enough to not break down and ball and beg him to just stay home one more day. It has its bad times but the good times are worth it when your a oil field wife.