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Don’t worry I’m coming back!!

Howdy all! Long time no see!! Sorry! life has been nuts!! Sold the farm, sold all the animals. It’s been a sad sad year but we are on the up and up!!! We are buying a new place this coming week!!! And we will be building it from the ground up so be ready for tons of tutorials!!! As we will be building a beautiful 100% off grid home! And animal homes with ??? U guessed it goats! I can’t express enough how sad my life has been without goats, they are the best animal ever!

So as of right now we are city living and I’m currently a scentsy consultant! And I swear by scentsy I have been using scentsy for over 8 years so it only seems right to become a consultant! So I will be going into that here and their! I hope some of u have held on and are still following me!! Love u all and God bless!!!


Koi pond care for winter 

  • Getting everything ready for colder weather means cleaning the koi pond and doing a complete water change. After alot of reading and research I finally have some awesome healthy fishes that I just love and adore! Getting the pond ready for fall we are going to try and get rid of as much algae as we can and clean the filters out really good, this sucks as it kills the biological filter built up in the pond but I figure with the next week still being warm we should be good and should give it time to come back. Floating plants: going to throw them all away as none wilk make through the cold weather and then they break down making a even bigger mess in the pond. My pond is about 150 gallons and I have 9 fish 4 koi and 5 goldfish. So let’s hope I can get this all done lol I will be taking all the fish out putting them in a container then before I put each koi back I will give them a 7 minute salt bath just to make sure they don’t have any parasites. Then they will go back into the fresh water!! I add a conditioner to the water to kill the heavy metals and I add about 1 cup of pond salt to the water to help kill any parasites and it’s really healthy for them !

Record Keeping for Goats

Eden Hills

I was surprised by the number of people commenting on my organization and being able to keep track of all the breeding choices of my goats.  I really think my years of doing genealogical research has helped.  I also have two forms of written records.  I didn’t start this until about my second year of having kids.

Looking at the spreadsheet below, you can see the year, the buck is in bold print, and the does go across with their kids listed below.  It’s a very basic record that lists all the goats ever born on the farm.  You’ll notice that my Millie was born in 2004 and had her first baby in 2005.

After seven years of kidding, my spreadsheet is on it’s third page.  The page for 2012 is a constant work in progress.  I typically print it out and track the girls’ heat cycles in pencil.  I…

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Always Get Back On

“C. (my six year old sister) fell off Dominique (our donkey)!!” A. (my nine year old sister) announced, walking into the house. I immediately turn around to look C. in the eye. “Did you get back on??” C. looks back at me and says, “No.” “No?” I ask, faking amazement. “Why not?” “Dominique ran away and I […]

My horse won’t go forward!

Colleen Kelly Official Website

Getting your horse to go forward – more impulsion…won’t listen to the rider’s leg – or rider’s legs “not strong enough”.

UPDATE: 2011 Full Circle Moment

The original article on how to get the world’s laziest horse to go forward was written so long ago it had slipped to the back of my mind, however I write this I am sitting on the beach in BEAUTIFUL Rosarita Beach, Mexico. Yesterday was a ‘full circle moment’ for me. I actually wrote most of this article years and years ago and was up on our old website forever…but riding yesterday and realizing that most people think that the only way forward is with two good strong legs, made me re-write this again.

What made me remember it was these horses here on Rosarita Beach. Nick and I went for a ride, and talk about QUIET – BOMBPROOF – LAZY horses!   Check…

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I’m back!! 

After much hiding and a lot of time to think I have decided the farm blog must go on! I will not be bullied, I will not go silently into that great night! I am going to stand up and fight for what is right! For what is mine!! For what I love and what I believe in!! This is my blog! These are my feelings!! If u don’t like it stop searching for me and do not read!!