1.3.2019 homestead journal and weight loss happiness

Today was just beautiful we hit a high of 40°f. Talk about heat wave!!!! Made a trip down the mountain to go grab some groceries it’s an all day event!

The snow is melting but slow go, thank goodness because it would be a muddy mess!!!

I have been doing the ketogenic diet along with thrive for 6 months and have lost 60 pounds!!!! That’s just crazy to me!!! 6 months ago I was signing up to go to Mexico to have gastric bypass, we just didnt have the money at the time and I was heartbroken, I thought for sure the only thing that would save me is surgery but I was wrong!!!!! With the right tools I had it in me to save myself!!! And I have and will keep going. I have 50 more pounds to lose before I hit my goal weight but I’m just so happy and impressed with not only keto but the level-thrive experience and that these tools gave me so much strength to stay motivated and workout and eat healthy!!!! They gave me my life back! I gave me my life back!!!

1.2.2019 homestead journal

Ugh woke up sick, swollen glands and a sore throat! Spent way to much time In the city the other day! We have been living off grid for almost 7 months now and rarely deal with people so when I go out Into public its expected that I get some kind of sickness now and than. The horses are fed, dogs out for their morning walk, it’s a awesome 23°f. At 11:19 a.m in the great rocky mountains. The sun is shining and its beautiful.

Last night we burned a prosperity candle to bring us some prosperity in the coming year, health, happiness and financial for the coming year.

I meal prepped last night for the coming week, made some great keto beef and cabbage. Keto has been my magic pill along with my thrive I cant believe how much weight I have lost I have lost 60 pounds in about 6 months and hoping i lose alot more alot faster these next few months.

See u all tomorrow!!

Amazing weight loss

i have been bouncing from one program to another and my weight loss has been slow go, but I think I found the holy grail of what works for me. It might not work for everyone but it has proven to work amazing for me!! I have lost 10lbs in 8 days! I have 13 more to go to hit my first goal! So you want to know what I have been doing?????? I have been following the lepton diet to the best I can, I eat only 3 meals a day 5 to 6 hours apart and I make sure I eat nothing but high fat low carb the minute I wake up I have to eat 30 grams of protein and with this book👇🏼 

  it has been amazing!!! I have not made one thing that was horrible and the weight is just falling off now!  

   Breakfast lasagna and amazing appetizers, you never feel hungry and the high fat makes you full faster. I am still working on portion control but so far I am so proud of myself! And most of all it’s Really cheap for me, with my own eggs and a freezer full of my own beef and hog and veggies fresh from the garden, I think this has amazingly helped!! And that was the goal from the beginning to get away from eating so much processed man made junk! And who doesn’t love bacon!yay me!!