Building a composting toilet

So when we started our off grid homestead we decided to build a small septic system for our restroom, who doesn’t love a flushing toilet right?! Well even though it was just a cute little system and built well, our pipes froze, the floor in our tiny home flexed and broke the wax seal leaking water everywhere, and the leach field hoses froze and the Septic tank we used filled all the way up and we cant find anyone to come pump it out until after spring and even with a low flush toilet we where still using anywhere from 3 to 5 gallons of water a day just for the toilet that amount of water adds up fast Especially when u have to haul in water…. so we decided enough is enough we are building a composting toilet.

After having this composting toilet for 24 hours now, I think I really love it!!! So let’s get started!!!! We built this bad boy for about 100.00 bucks!

So what you need is a funnel(funnel is optional) conatianer for liquids(we just found a cheap little gas can), a bucket, a toilet seat, one sheet of plywood, two sticks of 2×4’s, screws and a bag of peat moss(not the mircalgrow kind!) Now you can use any medium sawdust chips, peat moss, mulch, coconut husks anything that will help break down and is healthy for your compost pile.

So we took the funnel and the bucket and used a heat gun and melted them to fit flush together.

Once that was done we started building the frame out of 2×4’s we made our dimensions 21.2 inches wide, 22 inches tall and 20 inches deep.

We put 2×4’s across the bottom to hold the bucket to give room for the liquid tank. We then measured and cut out the plywood for the top and measured and cut out for the toilet seat and we put hinges on the back so we can lift everything out.

We then used some left over bead board we had to seal it all in. And it turned out super cute!!! Added the peat moss and its ready for use!!!

Now the nitty gritty lol, I personally as a woman don’t mind it and honestly it does not smell at all!!!! Now being a girl I do miss the funnel sometimes when it comes to number one but oh well lol. it is a bit on the tall side so we had to add a block to step up on, but its comfy and spacious and does its job!

You just do your buisness and when done you put down another layer of your medium, we figure with this bucket it should last us about 3 days and liquid jug should last us about 2 days, our liquid jug is only 2 gallons and I dont know for sure how long it will take to fill up. I will for sure do a update on all of this!!! Any questions please ask away! I will be more than happy to help however I can!!!

Happy homesteading!!!!